Alice’s Wonderful Giveaway (1st one ever)

What a wonderful way to embrace a Monday…with a giveaway. This is the first one ever on the site, so please excuse any lack of experience.

The prize is a $25.00 e-gift card—meaning I’ll email you the gift code.

I’ve tried to include many options because we all prefer different ways to enter giveaways. None of the options are required and a fair few can be done daily.

PS- If I screwed up somehow, please send me an email so that I can fix it. Thanks all, enjoy the first giveaway. :)





a Rafflecopter giveaway


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(Disclosure: sharing is not guaranteed to bring riches)
Read me: This post is more than likely to contain an affiliate link. Ahhh! What does that mean? Will I grow hair on my nipples or give birth to a platypus  Nope, you sure won’t (at least not from clicking on the link).
It means that if you click on the link and end up buying or signing up for something, they’ll throw a little change my way like a “thanks for promoting my shit” kickback.
The cool thing is that it doesn’t cost anybody more to purchase or signup through these, but it does help to cover my blogging expenses, such as: hosting, domain names and privacy, images, design, giveaways and much more. So feel free to click on them and I’ll ♥ you forever.)


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