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Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Edging toward Quality Food: Proposal – I want to buy higher quality meat but not shock our budget, so I have a proposal for how to work more in to our diet.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Money Tools For A Simplified Life – I love budgeting. I started with paper and a pen and moved on with an Excel spreadsheet. Read the tools I use for the job!

Alexis @ FITnancials writes Extra Money Ideas Part 1 – Lately, I haven’t been working a whole lot. It’s definitely a big difference as to when I was accepting all the shifts I could take and was working well over 40 hours per week. I’ve been making extra money in several little ways, and they are working for now. I am glad that I get to enjoy my summer though and get to do a lot of small travel getaways!

MMD @ My Money Design writes It’s Time to Get Real About Our Household Expenses – Even after all the budgets and spreadsheets, the only way we’re going to avoid a deficit this year is to get real about our household expenses. Here is how we plan to do that.

Robert @ Cult of Money writes 8 Money Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb – Everyone has made a financial mistake at least a time or two. Keep your money smarts by avoiding these 8 common money mistakes that make you look dumb.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Back to School Tip: Don’t Go Overboard on School Supplies – As parents wrap up their summers and begin shopping for school supplies, it’s financially savvy to keep a few tips in mind:

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Four Weekend Activities that Will Rock Your Financial World – If you can take a few minutes out once in a while on the weekend to perform just four financial activities, your financial world could change. Here are my suggestions on what those four activities should be!



LaTisha @ Young Finances writes Entrepreneur Fridays: The ManHammer – ManHammer Co sold the first ever ManHammer™ produced to Brain Dobson, the Legendary Hardcore trainer of both Branch Warren and Ronnie Coleman. Joe Walker talks business with YoungFinances.c

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Buying Health Insurance When You’re Self-Employed – Buying Private Health Insurance can be a daunting task. However, with a little work and use of appropriate resources you can find the coverage needed and generally not spend a fortune doing so. This is of vital importance when you run your own business so you can focus on business without having to deal with the additional stress of not being covered.



Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Moving? 7 Tips to Help Keep Your Wallet Full – When it becomes necessary to move because of a job or simply because you want a change in scenery, it can be

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes What is Wrong with Your Cubicle? – I know from the start that I’m not good with the corporate environment. I enjoy working with my colleagues but the lack of flexibility has always been an issue.

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes Positives of Working From Home – Yes, I do realize that self-employment isn’t all butterflies and beaches, and that there will most likely be some negatives, but for right now, I do think working from home will be awesome and that I will enjoy it. Doing what I love and not having to dread every single morning that I wake up? Sounds amazing!

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Your Career Is Going Nowhere, What Can You Do? – Has your career hit a bump, you’re in a dead end job or you just want a change? You are not alone! You could just go out with your friends and complain about it or you could do something about it.

Robert @ The College Investor writes Getting Paid What You Deserve – This past week I was browsing through the Flipbook App on my iPad, and came across a story of a graphic designer who apparently was fed up with seeing Craigslist ads wanting experienced designers that were offering no pay whatsoever. I can relate to his frustration 100%. I see ads like this all the time on Craigslist when looking for video editing jobs. Not only that, but they want skills so advanced that they far surpass even my qualifications, and I’ve been doing this for over fifteen years!



Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes Love Is Not All You Need – Money Talk Before Marriage Talk – Marriage is a beautiful thing, but talking about money before heading down the aisle is essential to having a financially free and happy marriage.

Joshua Rodriguez @ Modest Money writes ”Credit Sesame Review – In Depth Review of Credit Sesame” – ”Your credit score is a gauge of your financial stability and a key component to being approved for any form of loan. So naturally we want to keep track of our score. One website designed for credit monitoring that has really started to brand it’s name is Credit Sesame! So here’s what I’ve got to say about this option…”

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes What Bad Financial Habits Do You Have? Part 1 – Everyone most likely has some sort of bad financial habit that they take part in. Now that my student loans are gone, I have been evaluating the many other financial areas in our lives.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes 401k Income Limits – Can I Make Too Much to Contribute? – Unlike a Traditional or Roth IRA, there are no 401k income limits keeping you from contributing to your employer sponsored plan. Read on to find out how that can mean a lot more earnings potential for you!

Jon @ Novel Investor writes Breaking Down The New 3.8% Medicare Surtax – Whether you qualify for the new 3.8% Medicare Surtax will depend on your net investment income and your modified adjusted gross income.



Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank @ Monster Piggy Bank writes Super Cheap Hobbies For People On A Budget – Many people think that you can only entertain yourself by spending lots of money. I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of super cheap hobbies just waiting for you to try.



Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes 6 Money Saving Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Increasing Your Savings – When it comes to personal finance earning more money loses its importance if you are spending every last dime of it. A well balanced financial plan focuses on both increasing your income and stashing a good portion in savings and retirement accounts.

Pauline @ writes Make more money during the holidays – Be it summer holidays, long weekends or Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to make extra money if you are willing to work when the majority rests.

Pauline @ writes Early retirement in the US vs abroad – Early retirement can be easily achieved in a country with low costs of living. Is it worth it?

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Buying My First Property: Was I Too Young? – When I bought my first property I underestimated the costs involved like many first-time home buyers. There is so much more to jumping in and owning a home that I learned over the years that has helped me get to where I am today.



Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Are You Living By the 3 Month Emergency Rule? – While we all know savings give us peace of mind and something to fall back on if ever we need them, few of us actually live up to that knowledge.

Marie at Family Money Values @ Family Money Values writes How to Teach Your Child to Delay Gratification – Does your child always spend his allowance right away? Teach him to delay gratification for better success in life and a chance to become wealthy.



Corey @ 20s Finances writes How to Handle Friends Who Are Bad With Money – Below are three tips that will keep the relationship and not put you in the red.

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes 21 Days to Healthier Finances – DUHM DUHM DUHM DUHM DUHM …..DUHM! That’s what it sounds like when trumpets herald big news. At least in my mind. Why the need for trumpets and heralding? Because I wrote a short chapter in my very first e-book and I am super excited to share/pass it along to all my readers. Some of my The post 21 Days to Healthier Finances appeared first on L Bee and the Moneytree.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes How to Get a Raise – Find out how to get a raise. By applying these tactics, you will be on your way to getting a raise.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Should I Loan Money To A Friend? – All of us have had awkward money scenarios happen to us in our lives.

Cat Alford @ Budget Blonde writes Soapbox Time: Medical School & 6 Figure Loans – The media tries to to cast physicians in a certain light (and of course there are bad apples in every profession) but the students I know are here for one purpose only, and that is to learn how to help other people. If they wanted to make a lot of money, trust me when I say they are smart enough to know that there are better ways to go about it. (Seriously, some of them are freaky smart in a way I can’t even convey.)

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes Don’t Rationalize Your Purchases; Do THIS instead – Being a budget coach people always want to rationalize their purchases to me.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes Why every business needs Commercial insurance – Factors any business owner should consider then it comes to insurance, risk and your business insurance coverage.

Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes Mortgage Rates: Buy or Refinance Now (Or Else!) – “Mortgage rates are on the rise!” the headlines declare. But just how high will they really go… and how long will it take for them to get there?

Maria @ The Money Principle writes The Importance and Tips to Building Good Credit – In this article we discuss two questions relating to good credit we all have to ask: why doesn it matter and how to improve it.

MR @ Money Reasons writes What It Means To Be Lower Upper Middle Class – Read how I explain what my struggles and activities are as a new member of the (Lower Upper Middle Class). Hopefully I’ll stay there!

Hank @ Money Q&A writes The Simple Truth on How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate on a Car Loan – It is important that you do everything you can to bring down the interest rate on your car loan so that you can save money over the life of the loan. Here is how to get the lowest interest rate on a car loan.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Reader Question: Will My Financial Past Affect the Credit Score of My Credit Card Co-Signer? – I received an interesting reader question several months ago concerning whether or not getting a credit card through a co-signer would improve the person’s credit score.

Daisy @ Suburban Finance writes Earn More Money by Cutting Expenses – I have heard from so many people that are unhappy with their current financial situation. Do you know what they always think they need? More money. But, from my viewpoint, their financial woes are typically due to an expense problem, not an income problem. …

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor – The following post is by MSG staff writer, Shondell of Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap. She blogs about her recent car loan and mortgage pay off of over $95k and a whole bunch more.

Grayson @ Debt RoundUp writes One Year Of Being Credit Card Debt Free! – One year ago, I made the last large payment on my credit card debt. I sucked up the pressure and dropped the last $1,600 on my debt that was fighting me for close to four years. When I clicked that authorize button, I wouldn’t have realized that my life would change. My fight with debt was long and difficult at times, but there was the light at the end of the tunnel. I was at the end of the tunnel and basking in the light, finally!


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