How to get healthier, fitter and save money all at the same time

In our guide to getting healthier, fitter and save money all at the same time, we will give you some simple tips about how you can change you life for the better, get fitter and healthier while saving cash all at the same time. Too many of us focus on selecting one lifestyle change we will attempt in the New Year, like giving up smoking, but why not go the whole hog and give your life a health, fitness and money audit all at the same time? Read on for a few simple tips on changing your life for the healthier, better, richer and fitter!

Cancel expensive gym memberships and use the great outdoors

The great outdoors is so beautiful, but we rarely appreciate its full beauty. Even when we pay to work out we cut ourselves off from the great outdoors to sweat it out indoors. This year you could quite easily ditch the expensive gym membership which comes out of your bank whether you go to the gym or not, and use the local park as a substitute gym. You can use the walkways as a running track, the park benches as a support for doing arm dips and you can bring your yoga mat to do a few stomach crunches on the grass. There are many things you can do to increase your heart rate like jumping up and down or doing sprints so any kind of workout is just an open mind away! Use the money you save in a positive way: to buy a relaxing holiday or to kick-start your own startup project.

to avoid the need to get business loans or finance to start the business of your dreams!

Walk, don’t drive

Walking is a great habit and it does not cost anything so why don’t we all walk more? Walk to work, walk to the shops, walk anywhere! The trick to making walking work for you is to plan extra time in your day for the walk and learn to enjoy walking. Bring the doggie with you and see how much he appreciates getting out!

Ditch expensive habits

Ditching expensive habits is a great way to get fitter, healthier and to save money all at the same time. Perhaps the best change you can make in this vein is to give up smoking. Giving up drinking is another way to guarantee a healthier, fitter and richer you in 2014. A great way to survive the ‘giving-up’ process is to chart your progress and give yourself credit for the progress you have made. If you fail, start again, and see how far you go in six months. Too many people have an all or nothing approach which they ditch when they get a knock-back.

If ditching is too extreme, reduce unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking

Ditching is a dirty word for some of us who are really hooked, so instead of choosing between ditching and going all out in indulge mood, why don’t we just aim to reduce our unhealthy habits? So smoke one less cigarette a day, or have one less bottle of wine per week? As the saying goes, every little helps!

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