minimalismEven a year ago, minimalism seemed like something I wanted nothing to do with. Live with less, really? Who could possibly find that appealing?

I loved my stuff and all new stuff that somehow made its way into our small place. Was I so completely overwhelmed by the massive amounts of stuff that I had no clue what to do with? Sure I was, but it was my stuff.

I just needed a way to make it all fit in a nice organized fashion, then things would be just peachy. What I really ended up doing, time and time again was just wasting my time. I would clear a space, organize it and store all the stuff that didn’t fit back into another place. Then when time came to organize that space, I ended up doing the same thing—until I realized the problem. I was shifting things from space to space and continually reorganizing the same stuff over and over again.

So, I decided it was time for a change. I’ve read a ton of great books on minimalism and can’t believe how far I’ve come.

The first one I read was Live More, Want Less, which was a great book to get me started. Then I read The Joy of Less.

Both were great books, but if I had to choose one that had the greatest impact on my life, it would be The Joy of Less. The only thing that didn’t really click was a chapter near the end of the book with a strong emphasis on being green. I’m not anti-green or anything, but I’m not a green machine either, so it was kind of a boring chapter—even though it made sense.

Some other great books on minimalism that I’ve read, but can’t remember in which order are:

If anybody with an open mind, who really wanted less stress and a happier life read all these and didn’t get all pumped up and inspired, I would probably crap myself.

These books are changing my life into something I never even knew I wanted. Read them and you’ll know what I mean. lol

Back on topic, over the last few months, I have purged about 40% of our stuff and it feels absolutely amazing.

I never would have believed anybody if they told me that I would actually be happier by getting rid of most of our stuff. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

Having spaces with only the things we use regularly is freeing. It’s easier to clean the house and way easier to keep things clean and organized. Even picking up after other people is easier because their messes stand out more and I know where to put things.

Have you dabbled with the idea of minimalism? What’s holding you back?


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