Most Wasteful Packaging Awards

I’m not green, nor do I really give a fuck if companies are being environmentally responsible. But sometimes, it’s just ridiculous how much packaging some items have.

More often than not, it really pisses me off that I have to do this or that, grab some garden shears and try not to cut myself on silly excessive packaging.

You know what I mean. You’ve seen and dealt with these issues as well, haven’t you?

Enter Zyrtec Allergy Pills

I was lucky enough to score some free allergy medicine four months ago (or was it five—it doesn’t really matter) with the use of coupons. My allergies always seem to act up when I have nothing on hand. Problem solved.

So you have this large outer packaging which is a bit excessive for 5 doses, but it could be worse.

Then after you get through that, you have 5 small individually packaged allergy pills. These pills are as tiny as shit, but the packaging around them is like 30 times as large as the pill.


Now I can understand a nice convenient individually wrapped allergy pill to toss into a pocket or bag, but why so large?

They could have easily reduced the size by 2/3 and still had a decent size. But, no…that would be too logical.


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Most Wasteful Packaging Awards — 2 Comments

  1. I have a candidate for most wasteful packaging. I recently purchased a WaxVac, thought it might be better than a cotton swab to clean my ears. There is so much packaging that any advantage of saving cotton swabs is going to take centuries to realize. Plastic upon plastic on the outer shell of the package with a huge inner cardboard box that housed the device in additional plastic. There was a section in the outer plastic that could have held the tips and there was a piece of cardboard with pictures that made it look like it did. No, they were in the cardboard box in a plastic bag. I am not a perfect green person, but somethings are way beyond almost as if the company is trying to kill the planet. Or maybe out of ignorance they don’t care about the waste.

    • Damn, that does sound like a ton of packaging. I’ve never heard of a WaxVac before, but I really love using cotton swabs—it just feels so good.