Lollypops & Absinthe: First Post

Hey future readers, this is the first post ever on Hurricanes, Panties & Dollars. In the future (when you are reading this) people will click back and dig through archives to find this post—boy are they going to be disappointed. Everybody gets curious about the first post on a blog, it’s either setting the tone or completely random.

Guess which variety this first post will be? If you answered both, then you’re a winner. Here’s your lollypop:


And there’s more where that came from, so stick around. ;-) But just in case that wasn’t your favorite kind of lollypop, here’s a couple more options to choose from:

absinthe lollypop


lollypop plain

Surely one of those three lollypops hit the spot…right? I’ve always been intrigued by absinthe (the green fairy), but have never had the opportunity to give it a go. Anybody know where you can find it, the closer to the original version the better? Ever tried it?

Absinthe is said to have psychoactive effects sort of like a putting a little bit of acid in a drink…not that I have done that or anything. Still it does sound like something to try at least once.

Would you try the green fairy?


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