The Chick Kit

The other day, my friend/employer gave me 2 Altoids tins. She has a ton of them that she uses to make mini kits and uses for storage.

She told me to turn each Altoids Tin into a post for each of my blogs. Apparently, she must think I need to put out more content, since I’ve totally been failing in that department. So here we are.

I had considered decorating the outside of it and making it awesome, but I suck with that craft shit. Sometimes plain-Jane is the way to go; especially when you’re trying to be inconspicuous or whatnot. You know what I’m talking about.

I had also pondered just being a smart ass and posting an image of the Altoids Tin on each blog as a post titled, ‘Altoids Tin.’ Obviously I decided against that idea.

Let me introduce to you The Chick Kit. Stop praising my brilliance, you haven’t even seen it’s contents yet. Silly you.

the chick kit altoids tinAnd once unpacked:

the chick kit altoids tin 2

I tried my best to link to items online (that would be the pink text) in case anybody wanted to make one for themselves or for gifts. Now, onto the contents:



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