Tips for Escorts to Keep Clients Coming Back for More

Any successful escort will tell you that the secret to her success is not attracting new clients all the time, but keeping good clients and establishing them as regular patrons of her services. The best kind of clients to have are sophisticated businessmen; men with some class and manners who can afford your time more than once.

It takes some skill and finesse to keep the good ones coming back for more and turn them into long-term clients. As a general rule, carrying yourself with class and sophistication will go a long way toward keeping the discerning gentlemen interested in your services, but there are many other specific methods of meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations, and cementing your best escort-client relationships.

  • Establish a clear understanding of expectations at the very beginning of appointments. Clients want the time spent with an escort to fulfill something they are missing in their life or relationships. Since you cannot read a new client’s mind, it is important for you to learn what his expectations, desires, and needs are – so that you can then create the experience that he truly wants. A smart and skillful escort can gather insights through both conversation and nonverbal communication.
  • Be professional. Professionalism can take many forms for an escort. Take care of your cleanliness, your appearance and your physical health so that you live up to your clients’ expectations throughout your time together. Participate in whatever activities you have agreed upon with enthusiasm and be actively involved in role-playing and giving your client what will make him feel special. Provide all services you agreed upon. Arrive to your appointments on time and prepared with all of the props, costumes, and products your client expects.
  • Remain clearheaded and under control.


  • Don’t use drugs or overindulge in alcohol before or during your sessions. Not only will this help you to remain safe, but you can be much more involved in meeting your clients’ needs when you are sober.
  • Dress for the occasion. You should always find out prior to your session the type of activity in which you will be taking part. Discriminating clients want an escort to complement them in public and fit in with the company they will be keeping.
  • Get to know your clients. A small personal touch will go a long way toward turning occasional clients into regular patrons. When a client talks, listen. Find out such things as what interests him, what he prizes, when his birthday is, and what his favorite color or food may be. When you remember these personal things and incorporate them into your appointments, you let your client know you care about and appreciate him, which will definitely keep him coming back for more.
  • Be well versed in escort terms. Not knowing what an abbreviation or slang word means can get you in trouble.
  • By following these tips with your best clients, you will begin to develop a clientele list filled with regulars, making your escort sessions safer, more pleasant, and – in time – more lucrative.

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  1. haha, this is a similar strategy to what I use to keep readers coming back to my blog. Minus the whole sleep with them part, but I like to keep them entertained so that hopefully they return over and over.

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