What’s in your secret drawer?

After numerous years with Boyfriend, I’ve noticed many things. Some odd, some wonderful and some that are absolutely bewildering.

One of the many things I’ve noticed is he doesn’t snoop. I’m not sure if he’s just trying to respect my privacy or if he just doesn’t give a damn. I’m assuming it is the last one.

He has never once, in all the time we’ve been together looked in my secret drawer. No, that’s not a new sexual reference to my vagina. lol If that was the case, I’m not sure we’d still be together. A girl has got to get laid!

I’m talking about my special drawer in my nightstand. I’m sure I’m not the only who keeps intimate items in there. Am I? Oh, you’re so shy…you won’t admit it, will you?

Things Boyfriend would say if he looked in my special drawer:

  1. What the fuck?!
  2. How many of those do you need?
  3. What do you even do with that?
  4. So that’s where all the batteries go.
  5. Oh, I didn’t know you were into that.


I kind of want him to look in there, but he just never does. I’m sure we could have all kinds of crazy adventures if he did, but I don’t want to scare him either. He is very…lame proper in his sexual conquests.

I’m like his complete opposite. Always up for a good time, love to try new things and it’s pretty hard to take me by surprise. It’s weird that we’re so different in this regard.

What’s in my special drawer?

Well, I don’t want to freak anybody out too much or give away all my secrets right away. So out of the 18 items in my special drawer, at least 5 of them are below…the rest could be decoys…or are they?












So, at least 5 of those are in my secret drawer. Okay, now it’s your turn.

What’s in your secret drawer? What do you wish your partner had in theirs?



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What’s in your secret drawer? — 5 Comments

  1. I have plenty of condoms and an extra large cock ring for the special occasion ;)If she’s lucky I’ll get the edible undies out!!!

    • I’m sure all guys will “confess” to needing an XL cock ring. LOL

      Edible undies don’t really do anything for me, other than make me nervous.

      Sounds like an interesting night. ;)

  2. Oh great, if you share your amazon account with anyone, don’t click any of those links ;) Or disable the Amazon History. Either way I think you’ll get some nice suggested items in the feeds, haha

  3. My secret drawer is boring – KY, chapstick, and hand towels. Sometimes a dirty movie. Oh, and tissue and cough drops when the drawer is for sick day stuff and not fun stuff. ;-)

    • That doesn’t sound totally boring.

      KY has it’s uses.
      Chapstick can keep lips silky smooth.
      I can think of more than one way to use a hand towel.
      Dirty movies are fun, unless you’re trying to break a porn addiction. :(
      Tissues are great for clean-up.
      If the cough drops are menthol, that can make things interesting.