Wonderland Weekly: 2nd Edition

Money mistake of the week:

Spending the whole day with a shopaholic and spending a shit-load of money.
Cost: $500
Lesson Learned: Shopaholics are like superheros (I already wrote about this on Tuesday, weren’t you paying attention?).

What I said way too much this week:I’m gonna rock your cock!

Apparently once was more than enough for Boyfriend. I was expecting it to receive a warm welcome as clothing was scattered onto the floor (since I was prepared to do exactly what I said), nope.

Instead he looked at my like I was crazy and went right back to what he was doing. You win this round video games, but I’m taking you down next time. Probably with the word of the week. haha

Decals I’m torn between 4 my car:

These would just get me in trouble:

One you will NEVER, EVER find on my car:

5 Things I actually remember about the week:

  1. The week started off really shitty, but I fixed it
  2. being really broke
  3. Wednesday night’s sex. OMG! And no, I didn’t tape it…battery was dead.
  4. wake & bake isn’t for everyone
  5. I finished a book. :) Dead Until Dark

Blogging Ninjas (linked to my shit):

No love for Alice this week. :( Come on guys, don’t you want to be ninjas???

Twitter Ninjas (shared my shit on twitter):

Blog Carnivals featuring yours truly:

Word of the week:

fellatio: oral stimulation of the penis ;)

My post this week→ Shopaholics are like Superheros


How was your week? 


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